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PROOF: Performance Reporting Framework

 It's about time someone packaged BI Best practices into an OLAP model generator like PROOF. Symmetry's long experience in BI applications shows, and makes it much easier and faster for non-experts to build and, more importantly, maintain sophisticated multidimensional business models.”

Nigel Pendse, Independent Industry Analyst
Editorial Consultant, The BI Verdict & Founder, The OLAP Report & The OLAP Survey

 PROOF is like having an expert BI developer permanently on staff.PROOF makes the hard part of developing performance management applications easy.By managing metrics in a central repository, it guarantees a single version of the truth and significantly reduces development time, redundant programming, and maintenance.”

Claudia Imhoff,
President and Founder
Intelligent Solutions

Are you working for your information or is your information working for you? Sifting through the information you receive on a typical interrupt-driven day can be challenging. Amidst all the interruptions, how can you be sure you are focusing your attention on what's working and what's not? Our market defining Performance Reporting Framework, PROOF™, makes it easy to keep on top of performance relative to key targets, the latest trends, and typical historical rankings.

Built-in intelligence for Business Performance Management
After more than 25 years of customizing business intelligence software for Fortune 1000 companies, we decided it was time to create a comprehensive metrics platform with the kind of intelligence that only comes from years of experience. The result? A paradigm shift. Our guiding principle? You've heard it: form follows function. We applied this principle to designing and developing business performance management systems. Here are the facts:
  • BI tools such as spreadsheets, scorecards, and reporting software are great at managing the presentation of information.
  • Analytical databases are designed to manage the calculation of information.
Our conclusion? Create and store metrics in the analytical database -- don't program them over and over again into multiple locations and reports. Sound easy? It's not. That's why only Symmetry has done it.

We've taken our years of experience building BI systems and embodied them into a comprehensive metrics platform. PROOF translates your knowledge and our BI experience into metrics you can use without having to reinvent the wheel. With PROOF, you don't start from scratch each time you create a new scorecard, query, or report.

Here's PROOF: the best of both worlds
Now you can have the advantages of a performance management solution tailored to your business needs -- without the risks:
  • Reduced financial risk. Requires fewer development resources and less development time. Get all the advantages of structured design and implementation. We've already built-in the basic system requirements of data loading, a data model, and standard metrics.

  • Single version of the truth. Central repository manages the calculation of both standard and custom metrics, enforcing your company's business rules. Whether you access your performance metrics using Excel, the web, scorecards, or reports, PROOF guarantees you'll get the same information. That's because business logic isn't scattered across various front-end and reporting tools.

  • Easily customized. No need to duplicate logic for new measures. Metrics are managed in a database that understands how metrics interact with each other. Add organization and industry specific metrics quickly.

  • BI best practices. Enforces correct calculation order. Standard naming conventions. Consistent schema. Creates high quality performance dashboards.

  • Truly open and extensible. All application code is exposed. No hidden programs or routines.

  • Easy to support and maintain. With built-in intelligence, you need less BI expertise.

To find out how you can respond faster and smarter to marketplace trends, contact us for more information about business performance management with PROOF.

PROOF overview (PDF).

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