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Having problems designing your OLAP database?
Use ADAPT™ (Application Design for Analytical Processing Technologies). ADAPT is the first design methodology specifically created to represent the objects and operations found in OLAP databases.

Why Use ADAPT?
OLAP databases provide a multidimensional view of the data and are designed to answer analytical questions such as “Why?” and “How?” Dimensions, hierarchies, cubes, measures, and calculations, the basic OLAP database building blocks, were created to facilitate answering strategic questions.
In contrast, relational databases are oriented to the collection and organization of data and answer questions such as “Who?” and “What?” Tables, columns, and their relationships, the basic relational database building blocks, were created to facilitate answering operational and tactical questions.

Traditional design methodologies such as entity-relationship (ER) diagramming were developed for designing relational databases. As a result, you have no tools for illustrating basic OLAP structures or for modeling how the data is used.

ADAPT Benefits
With ADAPT, you can focus on the business view of the information. You create a logical framework for transforming data into information. ADAPT enables you to create an OLAP application design blueprint, which allows you to:
  • Present the design in a clear and understandable manner
  • Visualize complex business issues without getting mired in details
  • Determine business rules
  • Determine the relationships between objects
  • Define how derived data is created
  • Identify design flaws early, while they can still be fixed with little or no cost
  • Create a common basis for communication:

    • Among developers
    • Between developers and end users
Using a simple Visio stencil, you can create a blueprint of an OLAP system and validate the application design against the business requirements before you spend a lot of time on implementation details. For more background on ADAPT, read our white paper Getting Started with ADAPT (PDF).

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